Chilly weather got you down? We’ve got just the thing for those winter blues! Bring a taste of warmer weather to you and guests by throwing a beach party – inside! You’ll need one heck of a coat check! Turn up the heat, break out the beach chairs and put on your colorful sunglasses. Whether it's raining or snowing outside, unbundle and invite guests over for a toe-tally fun, tropical time!

First, it's time to set the scene. Put away those cozy blankets and break out your favorite beach accessories. Brighten up the room with beach towels, folding chairs and colorful umbrellas! Don't forget about the essentials, like inflatable beach balls and an awesome summer playlist to get your guests in a summer state of mind! 

Forget the hot chocolate, serve guests some refreshing treats they can’t resist! No beach day is complete without snacks and cold drinks! Pair those fruit kabobs with strawberry lemonade sangria made with Barefoot Moscato or surprise guests with some summer-favorites like sandwiches, chips and a glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio (with an umbrella to garnish, of course!) 

Most importantly, sip back and get your summer on. Sunny days are within reach! 


Mar 4, 2016


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